Making of Pac Man

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Filming and Editing:

  • iPod Touch with Stop Motion Studio app.
  • Audacity – sound recording and editing software
  • Dropbox, YouTube, WordPress

Creating the game:

  • A1 size black card, Insulation tape, chocolate coins, and midget gems!
  • Pac Man and Ghost toys.

Template Pac man game


The game is based on (and uses sound from) Flash Pacman ( 

The screenshot above was used as a template for the game.

First attempt..


This early design helped to set the size of the game to ensure that it was full screen on the video and understand that creating the game wouldn’t be possible without drawing a grid that took in to account the size of the characters and the walls.

Game Design

3 - design0

Dan creating the 1:2 scale Pac Man grid on 1mm squared paper.

4 - design1

The basic grid above and complete game design below

6 - design3

Creating the Game Board

7 - board1

Creating the full size game grid

8 - board2

9 - board3

Using insulation tape for the barrier walls..

10 - board4

11 - board5

12 - board6

The complete game board..

13 - board7

..with added added midget gems.

Creating the Story Board..

The route Pac Man and the ghost took was planned..

15 - storyboard1

including what happened when Pac Man met the ghost..

16 - storyboard2

17 - storyboard3


18 - filming1

Filming in progress..

19 - filming2

Moving Pacman a few mm for each frame..

21 - filming4

Assistant producer James learning the trade..

22 - filming5

Stop motion studio on the iPod..

23 - filming6

The whole film took a couple of evenings to design and create the game, and a Saturday morning to film..

Sound was added afterwards using Audacity to record the sound from Flash Pacman and edit for each sequence (

We hope you enjoyed the film. Let us know if you did..

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